Presale Condos in North Vancouver New Developments

North Vancouver is a rapidly developing area with lots of high quality presale and new construction options. The North Vancouver presale condos on the map and the grid above are updated weekly for 2024.

North Vancouver Information

North Vancouver British Columbia is one of the most beautiful parts of Metro Vancouver and covers the eastern half of the north shore (hence the name) of Burrard Inlet across from Vancouver and Burnaby to the south.

North Vancouver shares a border with West Vancouver to the west along the Capilano River and to the east, Indian Arm is its eastern boundary.

Commonly known as North Van or “The Shore”, the area is famous for the scenic North Shore Mountains, including Grouse Mountain, with sweeping city views, the Capilano suspension bridge & Lynn Canyon, Lonsdale Quay and the Seabus to Downtown Vancouver.

North Van is popular with investors as well as owner occupiers due to the fantastic urban amenity and easy access to nature.

A stylized image of the presales North Vancouver offers under construction

Where are Presales North Vancouver Has to Offer Located?

The presales North Vancouver has to offer are in several communities such as Moodyville, Lower Lonsdale, Maplewood, Edgemont, Norgate, Lions Gate/Capilano Road area, Seylynn Village, Lonsdale, Lower Lonsdale, Upper Lonsdale, Central Lonsdale, Seymour Village and more.

North Vancouver Presale Condo

There are Two North Vancouver’s with Presale Condos

North Vancouver has actually two separate governing entities.

There is the City of North Vancouver which is basically south of St. Andrews Avenue to Burrard Inlet and east of the west of Sutherland high school east of Mackay Road.

The Squamish Nation also has land near the mouth of Mosquito Creek.

Surrounding the City of North Vancouver is the District of North Vancouver which is bordered by the Capilano River to the west, Burrard Inlet to the south, the Coast Mountain Range to the north and Indian Arm to the east.

Population & Price Growth

North Vancouver City & District’s population increased by 5.6% from 138,547 in 2016 to 146,288 in 2021 according to the 2021 Census.

This population growth has been coupled with significant price appreciation for properties in North Vancouver over the last decade.

To get a clear picture of what real estate prices are doing in North Van right now, please have a look at the latest REBGV Stats package that we update monthly by email.

Client Experiences with North Vancouver Presale Condos

The market for North Vancouver presales is highly influenced by locals who are looking to downsize from a single family house, young people getting their first home, or local investors looking to put some capital to work. The North Van local buyer tends to be very particular about area and noise.

New Homes North Vancouver under construction. This is a representation of new townhouses in North Vancouver being built - Vancouver New Condos

New Homes North Vancouver – Market Dynamics

The North Shore tends to see less new condo development due to limited land and quite a strong NIMBY movement in the area. The drawback of this is often that there not many new home options available and presale condo prices can be quite high in North Van. The upside is that the limited supply means good rents and price appreciation.

Our clients who have purchased presale condos or new construction homes in North Vancouver have experienced good capital as well as rising rental revenue mentioned above.

To learn more about what is happening with the North Vancouver real estate market please have a look at the most recent REBGV statistics. Please note, these statistics from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) do not separate out the new homes North Vancouver offers or do they cover presale properties. For information on the market for presales and new homes in North Vancouver, please contact us.

North Vancouver Presale Condo FAQ

1. What does Vancouver New Condos specialize in?

Vancouver New Condos are licensed Realtors assisting buyers and sellers, especially with presales throughout British Columbia especially North Vancouver. Two members of the Vancouver New Condos team live on the North Shore.

2. What areas does Vancouver New Condos cover?

While we initially covered Greater Vancouver, we’ve expanded to serve areas like the Fraser Valley, Victoria across BC. One of the areas we specialize in are the new homes North Vancouver has to offer.

3. What is a presale condo in British Columbia?

Presale condos are properties sold before they are fully constructed. Our specialty is helping clients purchase preconstruction homes across British Columbia, especially in North Vancouver. Please see our detailed article on what is a new home presale.

4. Are presale condos in BC covered by a new home warranty?

Yes, each and every new home, including presale condos in North Vancouver, are covered by BC’s New Home Warranty Program.

5. What’s it like living on the North Shore, including North Vancouver?

The North Shore, encompassing North Vancouver, is close to nature, boasting beautiful beaches, mountains, and pristine forests.

6. What is the difference between presale and resale properties?

Presale properties are sold before completion, while resale properties are existing homes. The benefits and purchasing processes differ for each. Please have a look at our article on are presale condos a good investment compared to existing properties?

7. How can I stay updated on the North Vancouver Presale Condo market?

The best way is to contact us at Vancouver New Condos. We provide can provide a floor plan and pricing as well as insights for North Vancouver new developments.

8. I’m confused about real estate terms related to presales. Where can I find clarity?

We’ve compiled a list of real estate terms for presale condos in BC to help you understand industry jargon. Please have a look at our presale real estate glossary.

9. What is the 7-Day Rescission Period?

The seven (7) rescission period is an important protection for presale condo buyers in British Columbia and is a key part of the Real Estate Development Marketing Act. Please have a look at our page on what is the 7-day rescission period for presales in BC.

10. Are Presale Condos in BC Covered by a New Home Warranty?


All new homes (with some exemptions) and new north Vancouver condos are covered by BC’s New Home Warranty Program. For more information on this important protection for presale condo buyers, please see our detailed article on the BC New Home Warranty.

What’s it like to live in North Vancouver?

The North Shore and North Vancouver in particular has some of the best lifestyle amenity in the region if not the country. Please have a look at our article on what life is like living on the North Shore.

North Vancouver Amenities

North Van as its commonly referred to has great urban amenity and the easiest access to nature in the region. The expanse of southern exposure slopes and coastline makes for perfect beach days or paddling trips and some of the best diving in the world.  The Coast Mountain rainforest means North Vancouver’s trails a mecca for all levels of hikers and mountain bikers. 

  • Shopping malls in community shopping districts – Deep Cove, Lonsdale, Lower Lonsdale and Edgemont Village,
  • The world renown Grouse Grind is a 2.9km hike up the mountain, with 2,830 stairs and an elevation gain of 2,800 feet
  • The Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve mountain biking trails, as well as the paved Seymour Valley Trailway.
  • North Vancouver is home to over 100 public works of art in libraries.
  • In winter ski or snowboard on Grouse Mountain and Mt. Seymour.
  • The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park offers adventure, history and culture.
  • The B.C. craft beer movement has taken hold in North Vancouver.
  • Go for a hike in Lynn Canyon Park.
  • The Lonsdale Quay market with a globally-inspired food.