What is A Presale Condo Assignment?

Vancouver New Condos is now available to help with the purchase and sale of Presale Condo Assignments in Vancouver.  We have the experience, tools, and connections to give your presale assignment condo the exposure it needs to sell for top dollar. Likewise, for buyers, we have the experience, resources, and relationships to get you the best possible deal when purchasing a pre-construction assignment contract in Vancouver.  Sign up for more information!

An assignment is when the original Buyer of a PreSale Condo sells their rights to a finished condo to another Buyer before that condo is completed. The reason the word “Assignment” is used is that the original Buyer Assigns their rights over to the new Buyer. The Seller of an assignment is the Assignor and the Buyer of an Assignment is the Assignee.

Selling a Presale Condo Assignment

Selling an assignment can be tricky. Most presale contracts are very restrictive on advertising and do not allow assignment sales to be listed on the MLS. Our exposure to thousands or presale buyers every month is your best resource for finding a qualified buyer without access to the public listing services typically used to market residential listings.

If you have an assignment listing you want to sell, please contact us and we would be happy to help.