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Presale Condo Projects in Nanaimo, BC

The City of Nanaimo is known as the hub city of Vancouver Island. Nanaimo has two ferry ports one in Downtown and one at Duke Point traveling to the mainland daily.  Read more…

Nanaimo is one of British Columbia’s most liveable cities, having a favorable balance of lifestyle, employment and investment opportunities.

Centrally located on the east coast of Vancouver Island, 111 km north of Victoria, Nanaimo is the “hub” or regional service centre for mid and north Vancouver Island.

Nanaimo is an excellent place to live, work and do business. All this in the friendliest climate in Canada, surrounded by some of the most beautiful wilderness in Canada.

The City of Nanaimo Amenities

  • Nanaimo is a beautiful Harbour City and the second largest on Vancouver Island.
  • A Population of 84,000 and growing with every imaginable amenity within its borders.
  • This is a growing community enjoys an impressive infrastructure and many nearby recreational and cultural amenities.
  • It offers a mild island climate and the relaxed, yet energetic pace of the city.
  • Residents enjoy the lifestyle that comes with living in this community.
  • This city’s greenspace has over 1,400 hectares of protected open space of parks and trails to explore.
  • Nanaimo is home to popular cultural and recreational spots, community arts, culture, sporting and special interest groups. Nanaimo Aquatic Centre, The Port Theatre, museum and art gallery.
  • Nanaimo with its stunning natural beauty is the home of many festivals and events like the Dragon Boat Festival and Bathtub Races.
  • Nanaimo offers a lifestyle that is second to none!
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