Presale Condos Chilliwack New Developments

On the map and the grid above you will find each and every presale Chilliwack currently has available. This also includes all the presale and new townhomes Chilliwack offers.

The City of Chilliwack Information

The City of Chilliwack, part of British Columbia’s Fraser Valley Region, has shown remarkable growth, as evident from the 2021 Census. The city’s population has increased to 93,203 in 2021, an 11.2% rise since 2016, highlighting its appeal as a rapidly developing area. This growth is particularly significant in the context of Chilliwack’s real estate market, which includes thriving segments like Chilliwack presale townhomes & new developments.

Chilliwack Brief History

Historically rooted in agriculture, Chilliwack has evolved since its establishment in 1873 and its subsequent merging into a single entity in 1999. Today, it’s not just the city’s population that’s growing; the real estate sector is also booming with new Chilliwack condos and townhomes. These new developments Chilliwack offers are set against a backdrop of natural beauty, encircled by landmarks like Mount Cheam and the Fraser River.

Chilliwack Amenity

Other amenities Chilliwack is known for are its parks, recreation and culture. Chilliwack is an appealing city in terms of landscape, but the city also elevates its active lifestyle by offering several outdoor recreational opportunities, such as outdoor sports, outdoor water parks and hiking trails with beautiful views.

Some of which include: Bridal Veil Falls Waterfall, The Vedder River, The Rotary Trail, Cultus Lake Waterpark, Chilliwack Cultural Centre, Cultus Lake, Chilliwack River rafting & much more!

Chilliwack also prides itself on all the events and festivals the city holds to celebrate its rich agricultural and cultural identity.

Chilliwack Real Estate Prices

Chilliwack Real Estate Prices from January 2005. Please note this cart is for properties that are currently constructed and not for the presale condos Chilliwack currently has for sale.

Above is a chart of real estate prices in Chilliwack from January 1, 2006 showing the sale prices of various property types in the city. As can be seen in the chart, prices for Condos and townhouses in Chilliwack have been increasing. Please note this cart is for properties that are currently constructed and not for the presale condos Chilliwack currently has for sale.

To get a more detailed idea of real estate price trends in Chilliwack, have a look at the most recent Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board Statistics.

This is a stylized image of new townhomes Chilliwack has to offer. Chilliwack new construction townhouses and Chilliwack presale townhomes can be found on this page.

New Townhomes Chilliwack – We Can Help!

Keep in mind, Vancouver New Condos can help with all the new townhouses available in Chilliwack as well as presale condos. Please get in touch for floor plans and pricing to get your search started for Chilliwack townhomes.

Chilliwack Investment Outlook

Chilliwack has long been popular with new development buyers due to its relatively large supply of inexpensive land and affordable housing.

Historically, the new developments Chilliwack offered were detached houses, but as of late this has changed due rising land costs. Now more and more new condo and townhouse developments have come available including large scale ones like Garrison Village which was a redevelopment of CFB Chilliwack.

Chilliwack has been very good to real estate investors and home owners in terms of capital appreciation (see the stats below). With lots of jobs with many stable employers like Chilliwack General Hospital has been drawing residents from across the Lower Mainland and beyond with easy access to other cities in the Fraser Valley on the Trans Canada Highway.

New developments Chilliwack in this Fraser Valley city under construction. This page has every presale Chilliwack currently has on offer. Please contact Vancouver New Condos for more information.

New Developments Chilliwack FAQ

Below you will find frequently asked questions we get from our clients who are looking to buy new developments in Chilliwack. Please let us know if you have any questions.

What Services Does Vancouver New Condos Offer for Chilliwack Real Estate?

Vancouver New Condos provides a range of services for buyers and sellers in Chilliwack, including purchasing presale condos and new homes, and handling presale condo assignments. For more details, please contact us.

Are Presale Condos in Chilliwack Covered by New Home Warranty?

Yes, presale condos in Chilliwack are covered under BC’s New Home Warranty Program. This offers significant protection for buyers. Learn more about the 2 5 10 Warranty here.

What is a Presale Condo in Chilliwack?

A presale condo in Chilliwack refers to a condo purchased before its completion. This is a common practice in the region and offers several benefits. For a detailed explanation, check What is a Presale Condo.

How Can I Secure a Mortgage for a Presale Condo in Chilliwack?

When buying a presale condo, you typically pay a 20% deposit upfront. The remaining 80% is financed through a mortgage upon completion. For more information on securing a mortgage for a Chilliwack new construction home.

What Should I Know About the 7-Day Rescission Period in Chilliwack?

The 7-Day Rescission Period is a protective measure for buyers in British Columbia, allowing them to rescind a presale condo purchase within seven days. Find more about this rescission period here.

Can Non-Resident Canadians Buy Property in Chilliwack?

Yes, non-resident Canadian citizens can buy property in Chilliwack and are exempt from the 20% BC Foreign Buyers Tax.

For more information, visit Canadian Citizen Non-Resident Buying Property in BC.

What’s it like Living in the Fraser Valley?

Chilliwack is located in the Fraser Valley, one of Canada’s fastest growing regions. To learn more, check out our article on Living in the Fraser Valley.