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Greenhouse By Concord Pacific


Greenhouse by Concord Pacific

The Greenhouse by Concord Pacific is an upcoming, high-profile residential Burnaby presale condo development set to transform the landscape of the Central Park/Patterson Station neighbourhood. This ambitious project is a reflection of Concord Pacific’s longstanding commitment to providing premium, sustainable living spaces and carries the developer’s signature touch of elegance and luxury.

Presale Release Schedule for Concord Greenhouse

The first release of presales at Greenhouse by Concord Pacific will be the Panorama Collection of upper level 2 and 3 bedroom residences. These should feature park, ocean, mountain and city views due to the fact that Greenhouse is located on a ridge. Sign up for more information on the latest at Greenhouse.

Prime Location in Burnaby’s Central Park District

Very near the bustling Metrotown district, Greenhouse is expected to be the heart of one of Burnaby’s most vibrant urban areas. Its location promises the advantage of a well-developed public transit system, including Patterson SkyTrain Station, and proximity to numerous amenities such Burnaby’s Central Park, schools, and recreational facilities. This makes Greenhouse an ideal spot for those seeking a balanced urban lifestyle.

Sustainable Living

True to its name, Greenhouse is designed to be a beacon of sustainability. Concord Pacific’s innovative eco-friendly approach is manifested in the thoughtful design of the building, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The integration of green technology and natural elements into the structure is expected to promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for the residents.

Luxurious Amenities

Greenhouse by Concord Pacific doesn’t compromise on luxury. The planned amenities are designed to cater to a wide range of lifestyle needs. These may include a state-of-the-art fitness centre, an indoor “Crystalline Pool”, a wellness spa, and community gardens. The presence of shared social spaces fosters a sense of community among residents, making Greenhouse not just a place to live, but a place to connect.

Quality Homes

The condos themselves are expected to feature modern design elements, high-quality finishes, and an open concept layout. Each unit will likely be designed to maximize natural light and provide stunning views of the surrounding cityscape. With various unit sizes and layouts, Greenhouse aims to cater to a diverse range of homeowners, from single professionals to growing families.

Investment Opportunity

As with any project by Concord Pacific, Greenhouse represents a significant investment opportunity. Its location in a thriving urban district, coupled with the developer’s reputation for quality and sustainability, makes it an attractive prospect for both local and international investors. It is expected to contribute to the ongoing urban revitalization of the Metrotown neighbourhood, making it a valuable addition to any real estate portfolio.

In summary, Greenhouse by Concord Pacific is poised to offer a harmonious blend of sustainable living, luxurious amenities, and prime location. As Burnaby continues its transformation into a dynamic urban centre, Greenhouse stands as a testament to Concord Pacific’s vision of future-oriented, responsible development.

Pricing & Floor Plans: Greenhouse by Concord Pacific

Vista Collection 1, 2 & 3 bedroom homes starting from low 700,000’s.

Panorama Collection 2 & 3 bedroom homes starting from high $1.6M.

Deposit and Completion

The completion for Greenhouse by Concord is tentatively expected for 2028. Deposit structure totals 20% for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Developer Team

The Greenhouse by Concord Pacific project is spearheaded by Concord Pacific, a prominent real estate investment and development firm known for its vast portfolio of residential and mixed-use buildings since 1987. The architectural vision is provided by Arcadis IBI Group Architects, a multi-disciplinary consulting firm with a legacy dating back to 1974, specializing in shaping urban environments. The interior aesthetics are crafted by the award-winning LIV Design Studio, renowned for their innovative approach to interior design since 2012.

Property Highlights

314 units
42 storeys
Est. completion: 2028

Total Parking:

4-level underground parkade

Site Amenities:

14,000 sq ft of amenity space


Central Park


Quick Walk to Patterson Skytrain Station

Local Attractions:

Metrotown, Burnaby Public Library, Crystal Mall

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