Who are the people behind Vancouver New Condos and what do we do?

The people behind Vancouver New Condos are seasoned and experienced licensed Realtors from a several brokerages who specialize in working with qualified presale condo and new construction property buyers in Greater Vancouver, The Fraser Valley, Victoria, Naniamo, The Okanagan & The Sunshine Coast.

Benefits of working with Vancouver New Condos for Developers & Project Marketing Companies

We help Project Marketing Companies and Developers across British Columbia reach their sales objectives throughout and after the pre-construction phase of development by bringing qualified presale and new home buyers to your show home or display centre.

With 15+ years of experience with presales and new home sales, we know how busy your whole team can be when getting ready to launch a new project. We also know challenging and time consuming the process of qualifying and educating prospective new home buyers can be. We work to make your team’s job as easy as possible by thoroughly educating, preparing & qualifying our clients before we come to see you. 

We Educate, Prepare, and Qualify our Clients:

Our business model is to educate, prepare, and qualify our clients by doing the following:

  • An explanation and discussion of the Agency Relationship with the client and the different roles and loyalties of the various actors in the presale/new construction sales process.
  • Explaining the process of purchasing a presale or new construction property in detail from start to finish.
  • Explaining clearly how Realtors get paid and by whom.
  • Discuss purchase budgets coupled with what to expect in terms of price of a presale or new-construction home project to ensure our client is qualified financially for a potential purchase.
  • Basics of REDMA (Real Estate Development Marketing Act) and how it pertains to the purchase of new homes and presales. Typically this involves a discussion of the 7 day rescission period, The Disclosure Statement, and how and where presale or pre-construction deposits are held.
  • Share floor plans, price ranges, and project details subject the requirements of REDMA and in compliance with the goals and wishes of your sales team’s plan.
  • Explain and describe the neighbourhood and area the presale or new home development is located in, so that expectations of the area and neighbourhood are met once we visit the display centre or during a site visit.

Our Goal

Our goal is to have a smooth sales process during which our clients and their interests are protected while having their needs met, while not unnecessarily burdening your sales staff. We offer you access to buyers are further down the sales pipeline than those who may come in through your own sales funnels. Our clients come in, see what you have to offer and if they like it what they see, they buy.

What Services we offer Developers & Project Marketing Companies

We are looking to enter into new relationships with project marketers and developers that we do not currently work with. Here is what we offer:

  • Inclusion on Vancouver New Condos for your presale or new construction home with complete editorial control over the content of the posting.
  • Inclusion for development companies on our Developer profile page again with complete editorial control over the content posted.
  • Inclusion in periodic emails to our highly active and focused private email list that currently has over 47,000 subscribers with complete editorial control over the content of the email.

What We Want from Developers & Project Marketing Companies

In order to better serve our clients we request the following from those whose projects we profile on this site:

  • Contact information for the sales teams of the various projects we post to ensure the content is correct and inline with the sales teams goals. Furthermore, we need to have contacts so that we can facilitate sales should our clients be interested.
  • Information on new and upcoming projects in a timely manner so we can share the information with our clients.
  • Access to units.

What Vancouver New Condos is Not:

  • A Project Marketing Company.
  • A Real Estate Development Company.
  • Looking to represent Developers or Development Companies in an Agency Relationship.