Many people expect that buying a new home is as simple as buying a new shirt or new car.

This unfortunately is not the case in Canada’s most expensive and active real estate market, Vancouver BC and it can be very difficult to buy or get a good deal when buying a new condo or a presale.

Here’s why:

Hot real estate markets

 In a hot market, surprisingly, it may not be possible for a buyer to actually be able to purchase a presale or new condo. Why is this?

In many cases the best or most attractive suites are taken by what are called presale “insiders”. These insiders are either personal friends, employees, or family of the developer. These people are followed by presale specialists, like us, who get access to these presales for our clients before other Realtors and almost always weeks before the general public know sales have begun.

In many cases when the market is hot, entire presale buildings will sell out to insiders and there will quite literally be zero properties left over for the general public to purchase. (Yes, this has really happened)

In a hot market, we can help as we have early VIP access to all presale projects here in Vancouver and can our buyers in to purchase far before the general public and other Realtors.

Soft real estate markets

 In a soft market working with a presale specialist team who specialize in new Vancouver condos can bring new home buyers big advantages. Teams like ours can get you discounts, bonuses, and free upgrades that are rarely shared with members of the general public who walk into the display centre on their own.

Another advantage of working with a pre-construction specialist team like Vancouver New Condos is that we have helped hundreds of clients purchase these types homes. We have seen all the variations in contracts, suite & building configuration, deposit structure, and anything else to do with new and presale properties in Vancouver.

Every member of Vancouver New Condos is a licensed Realtor and a good portion of our business is selling existing constructed properties. We have our finger on the pulse of the market for resale homes and can give you good feedback on which suites, configurations, outlooks, and other factors will impact future resale,

We invest and own presales ourselves and have a very clear picture of potential rental returns for presale condos and what a buyer can expect in today’s rental market. We also work closely with professional rental management companies who can find qualified tenants, arrange online rental collection and payment, and all other aspects of rental property management.

We work with all of the Developers and have deep long term relationships with the new home development community here in Vancouver. This allows us to share with our clients early inside information before any other market player in the Vancouver real estate market.

Please let us know what we can do to help you purchase a new home or presale condo in Vancouver, BC, Canada!