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Zenobia Wilson

Zenobia Wilson

Originally from the UK, Zenobia is an award winning Realtor since 2015 in BC but started as an agent in the UK in 2005 and was also award winning previously over the pond too! With a strong background in presale developments she has lived in many parts of Vancouver, Whistler and now choses Squamish as her focus market having been personally invested in Squamish since 2006. 

Zenobia specializes in presale, assignments and resale and also development land purchase. She has a particularly enthusiastic approach and a passion to help you achieve your real estate dreams and targets in Squamish an area she has personally recognized out as one of particular future growth and great opportunities. 

Enjoying all outdoor activities and life in the sea to sky corridor is where you’ll find Zenobia when not selling Real Estate although she’ll always have her phone at hand!

If you’re interested in working with Zenobia, meeting in person, or simply just have a question, please call her at 604-417-8940.

Zenobia Wilson Personal Real Estate Corporation is a licensed Realtor with:

MACDONALD REALTY  (604) 892-8155


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